23 August 2011

Two new species for the 'Patch' - Dhahran Hills

What an amazing evening at the 'patch' today. The spray fields still had very few birds but a couple of good ones in the form of an Isabelline Wheatear and a Steppe Grey Shrike, both possibly birds from earlier in the week staying around? There were also three Yellow Wagtail present at the edge f the percolation pond where water levels have steadily been getting lower and lower. Overnight the authorities must have filled the pond as today the water levels were almost full again. The water levels were perfect for waders as there were still a few muddy edges for them to feed around and what a collection of waders there where. Two new species for the 'patch' for me were a juvenile Eurasian Curlew and three Ruddy Turnstone but there were also the highest counts for me on the 'patch' of a number of other birds including four Marsh Sandpiper, two Terek Sandpiper, thirty one Ruff, one hundred and thirteen Little Stint and one hundred and forty two Kentish Plover. Other waders included a Common Greenshank, four Common Redshank, six Common Ringed Plover, sixty three Black-winged Stilt and twenty five Little Ringed Plover. Other good birds on the pond included two Little Egrets, one in full breeding plumage and two Northern Shoveller, the first birds of this species I have seen in the camp since March.
 Eurasian Curlew (juvenile)
Crested Lark