07 August 2011

White-cheeked Tern - Saihat

On the morning of 5th August we set off early (05:15 hrs) to try to find the Zur Marshes Wader Roost on Tarut Island that had been very productive during winter wader counts in 1991. We found the area but were stopped from entering by the coastguard who said it was forbidden to enter. All other routes into the area had been blocked by large piles of earth and rock so this site is not an option for birding anymore. We did find an area of mudflats with plenty of common waders present and a flock of about 75 Greater Flamingo, but the tide was still out and the birds were widely scattered. After this we went to Saihat to see if we could see any of the terns we had seen last weekend but we got there at 07:00 hrs and the birds and moved on (if they were ever there?). I managed to photograph a single White-cheeked Tern on the edge of the inland water area but the tide was very high and no waders of any note were seen excepting a couple of Greater Sand Plover and Common Sandpiper.
White-cheeked Tern