30 December 2011

Abu Hadriyah - Location Details

Abu Hadriyah is an area that is currently being destroyed by dumping of rubish but is a wetland area with soem pool and reedbeds. It can be reached by driving out of Dammam on route 85 (Abu Hadriyah Highway) towards Jubail. The area is on the left hand side of the orad and will require a 'U' Turn to reach. Tracks are possible to drive around in the area but the rubish dumping has blocked many off. It is just trial and error to find a way around. The grid reference is 26°29'3.58"N   49°57'26.00"E

Speciality Species:
Common Redstart
Black Redstart
Black Bush Robin
Rufous-tailed Scrub Robin
European Bee Eater

Common Nightingale
Spotted Flycatcher
White-spotted Bluethroat
Common Chiffchaff

December - May