22 December 2011

Greater Spotted Eagle - Dhahran Hills

I saw Greater Spotted Eagle on three different occassions in spring 2011 and all concerned second calendar year birds (2cy). This species winters in the Arabian peninsula in small numbers.

Below are three shots of a 2cy Greater Spotted Eagle taken on 28th April 2011 in the scrub desert area of Dharhan Hills. Dick Forsman pers comm. mentioned young birds often linger in spring unlike adults, and late April is alright for young Greater Spotted Eagle to be seen on their wintering grounds. The long feathered "stove pipe" legs separate it from all other brown eagles, except for Lesser Spotted Eagle, but that would be much paler brown by this time in spring.

Records of Greater Spotted Eagle in Spring 2011

Second Calendar Year - 16th March
Second Calendar Year - 31st March
Second Calendar Year - 28th April.